Acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google: green light from China


After several months of waiting and when the acquisition has already been validated by the authorities in Europe and North America, it was the turn of the Chinese antitrust regulator to commit the transaction of $ 12.5 billion, which allows Google to take control of the manufacturer Motorola Mobility.

He agrees but imposes a main condition: that the Android platform is free and open to other manufacturers over the next five years. Other notes surrounding the authorization of the same nature as those already reported in Europe and the United States and requiring Google to offer reasonable licensing the intellectual property of Motorola Mobility.

Regulators, however, remain attentive to how Google will manage Motorola's patents, including fundamental patents used in the standard mobile phone. Motorola Mobility is already the subject of proceedings in Europe for abuse of dominant position by trying to force Apple to renegotiate the licensing rights of patents FRAND (Fair, Reasonable and Non Discriminatory).

But, if rumors are correct, Google should also make efforts to open by entrusting the preparation of its Nexus range to several manufacturers simultaneously, instead of a single preferred date. This means that these partners have access to the latest upstream versions of Android, silencing the fears of favoritism toward one of them.

Since the takeover was announced in August 2011, Google has made ​​great efforts to explain its approach, without allay all fears. With the agreement of China, we must now make the approximation, even if Motorola Mobility should maintain some independence, its financial statements are not integrated into those of its new owner.
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