Rumor: iOS 6 but no Google Maps technology with C3

 iOS 6

The acquisition in October 2011 the company C3 Technologies, specializing in methods of photorealistic 3D, by Apple could result in the abandonment of Google Maps in the future iOS 6, the WWDC in June could outline details .

This at least is the hypothesis 9to5Mac who had already put forward at the time by predicting a special version of Google Maps with 3D textures of C3. However, recent developments and taking away with Google, now leading competitor with Android, are now thinking that Apple might unveil its own mapping solution, ending the presence of Maps in iOS since the first iPhone in 2007 .

Apple might as well combine the resources of several acquisitions in recent years (Placebase, C3 Technologies, Poly9) to create its own solution, presented as potentially faster than the current ergonomic and Maps.

The 3D view of the cards would not be the default but it would still be activated with a click of a button dedicated. 9to5Mac noted that the leaders of C3 Technologies who participated in the merger with Apple reportedly left the company a few weeks ago ... as did those at the origin of the functionality Siri just before the official announcement of the latter.

About 6 iOS itself, different versions circulate near Cupertino, pending a final integration but the home screen of iOS would present still no widget system as it can be found on Android and other platforms mobile platforms.

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