Google Chrome: the first browser in the world

Google Chrome

This is not the first time that the statistics provided by StatCounter put Chrome in the top of web browsers used in the world. But so far, this trend was sporadic for a day or for a weekend. It seems to fit more sustainable over time.

Since May 9 until Friday, May 18, Google Chrome has enjoyed a global market share and average of 32.4%. What outdo Internet Explorer that is credited with 32.2%. Over the same period, Firefox peak in third with 25.6%.

Always over the same period but by targeting geographically results on France, noted that the podium is quite different with: Firefox (33.1%), before Internet Explorer (29.3%) and Google Chrome (26.7% ).

This podium in France which really took shape in March 2012 is not consistent with that evoked by Médiamétrie for IE which is before Firefox and Google Chrome. Remains similar trends with the decline of Internet Explorer, a form of stagnation for Firefox and Chrome up.

For its data, StatCounter is based on more than 15 billion page views per month (including $ 4 billion U.S.) a network of over 3 million sites, without applying artificial weights.

Net Applications collects data from browsers to nearly 160 million visitors per month on a network of over 40,000 websites. The statistics are adjusted for demographic data from the CIA to take into account the rate of Internet penetration in disparate regions of the globe.

To Net Applications, the world podium web browsers still gives Internet Explorer with a comfortable lead for the month of April 2012: IE (54%), Firefox (20.2%) and Google Chrome (18.85%).

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