Technology news: what you may have missed

Among the news to be learned from the previous week, we will recall the lawsuit for Facebook to privacy issues and the confirmation of a conviction for music file sharing.

We also recall the launch of Microsoft's social network, La Redoute's blunder about a display of prices and the idea of ​​a device Hadopi without cutting off Internet access as a sanction.

Facebook pursued for reasons of privacy: the United States, the social network Facebook is the subject of a group action. Charged with tracking browsing online users after logout, it incurs a fine of $ 15 billion.

Microsoft launches presented at the end of last year, Microsoft's social network is officially launched. is now available if you want to join the ranks of a new community.

675,000 dollars for 30 music titles: Supreme Court of the United States refused to hear the appeal of Joel Tenenbaum, sentenced to 675 thousand dollars for the illegal downloading and sharing of thirty songs.

Apologies for a Dell PC at € 100: La Redoute is again bent on the exercise of public apologies, but this time for a display error with a Dell laptop sold online nearly five times less expensive than its usual price.

Keep the sanction seamless Internet? : For the president of SNEP, the Hadopi device with its graduated response is still necessary, but not necessarily with the suspension of Internet access as a sanction.
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