War Apple / Samsung : negotiations remain open

War Apple / Samsung
The legal battle being waged between the partners and competitors Apple and Samsung on the moving front will go through an episode of conciliation Monday, May 21 during which the CEOs of both companies will meet.

This meeting was intended by the judge in charge of the case between the United States and is played in the pre-trial must confront in July 2012. It is one of the last attempts to find an amicable solution that would avoid the trial.

If the differences between the two companies are deep, marked by open complaints in many countries and regularly reactivated, the possibility of reaching an arrangement is not completely excluded.

Both groups, before being fierce competitors, are also important trading partners. Without any promises about the outcome of this meeting of 21 May, President of Samsung's mobile division, JK Shin, nevertheless suggested that all possibilities had been exhausted.

"There is still a wide gap between us in the patent war with Apple, but we still have several options trading, including that of cross-licensing," he said on Sunday before leaving for the United States.

And even without signing a truce, there is always the possibility of reducing the extent of complaints, or to consolidate some, to make the trial (and the ensuing decisions) less complex. The meeting could then not be a simple exercise in the proceedings.
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