Flame the virus used for espionage in the Middle East

It took two years to identify a new virus very powerful Kaspersky according to the publisher which releases today on "Flame", a very strong virus from the publisher, and reminiscent of past cases and doqu Stuxnet virus.

Again the virus is used as a weapon of war and specifically for purposes of espionage, which is why it is so discreet that to go unnoticed by security vendors. Today they are investigating this "threat as sophisticated and discreet that were and where you can admire Stuxnet" Symantec says that gives it the name "W32.Flamer".

If we do not know exactly who is affected by the infection and who is responsible, we know which countries are affected: Iran and the Middle East seem to be concerned but also the West Bank, Russia Hungary.

Securelist gives details on the method of spreading the virus uses (Illustration), we find the classic USB drive or operating system vulnerabilities to propagate network. Once in place the virus is used to collect information, either by stealing documents or making screenshots of infected computers.

For individuals, no extra precautions than those already known are needed: an antivirus, update software and system along with the usual caution when completing a review of preventive attachments and removable media.
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