For Forbes, Steve Ballmer is the CEO of a number to dismiss

For Forbes, Steve Ballmer is the CEO of a number to dismiss

"Oops! Five CEOs who should have already been transferred. "This is the title of a column published on the newspaper's website Forbes. Among these five CEOs, the Walmart or Cisco, which has not been able to anticipate and monitor the market towards more mobile and cloud. But the most remarkable of "nominees" is the first ranking. This is Steve Ballmer, Bill Gates' successor as head of Microsoft since 2000. Twelve years in which Microsoft has been bullied, threatened and has lost much of its bite.
The article paints a picture and very dark era Ballmer: "Not only did it without consultation, Microsoft removed some of the high-tech markets the most lucrative and fastest growing (mobile music, smartphones and tablets ) but he thereby sacrificed growth and profits, not only his company but also an ecosystem of companies, like Dell, Hewlett Packard and even Nokia. "

Article and take the example of "painful" curve value of Microsoft stock. It was about $ 60 in 2000 when he took power. It dropped to $ 20 in 2002 and has rarely reached the $ 30 again. Although it still happens often enough that Microsoft stock is at the top of Dow Jones, as was the case with the release of the latest financial results of the company. A decrease can be explained according to columnist and strategic mistakes by the launch of poorly finished products and so little functional software that users have chosen not to adopt it.
"The Microsoft today, after dropping Zune, abandoned his shelf, abandoned Windows CE and other mobile products, is still the company that Steve Ballmer getting started ten years ago. Microsoft is a company PC-centric, while demand slips from PC to mobiles, "the columnist criticizes.
The latter then binds to the departures this year, many CEOs of companies in order: RIM, Best Buy, etc.. and to indicate that if nothing is done, Microsoft could find itself in a similar situation. He concluded: "With any luck, the board will start paying more attention to it and make decisions before the situation worsens" ...

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