Google Launches World Wonders Project

Google Launches World Wonders Project
The firm in Mountain is definitely very attached to culture these days. Since opening its Cultural Institute in Paris, Google has made a big update to Google Art Project. Somewhat in the same spirit of exploration of culture online, Google today announced the World Wonders Project.

The World Wonders Project is presented as a "program of cultural and educational enhancement of World Heritage on the Internet". It is set up with several partners including UNESCO, the World Monuments Fund, Getty Images.

With the core technology of Google Maps Street View, the user has the opportunity to visit various sites considered wonders of the world. For everyone to have a different idea from over 130 historic sites across 18 countries.

Documentation accompanies each place visited, also with various photos (other than 360 ° Street View), 3D models to Google Earth, or even YouTube videos. You can search by location and theme.

A section is devoted to education to provide teachers of elementary and secondary teaching materials in history and geography. Models presentations, lessons and activities to repatriate free (PDF).

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