Yahoo: an agreement with Alibaba would have been found


The issue of disposal of the stake in Yahoo China Alibaba Group, the latter wanting to recover it, is central to negotiations for several years, with an acceleration of discussions in recent quarters thanks to the departure of Carol Bartz in September 2011 .

The refusal to give the former CEO of participation against the wishes of shareholders who fear its value deteriorated had given way to a possible sale. The e-commerce group Alibaba had prospected on his side to get the loan needed to buy.

According to the blog All Things Digital, an agreement was eventually reached between the two companies, no longer expecting a validation of the two boards. It would consist of a fairly complex program of share buy-back takes place in two stages, with obtaining a first half of the stake directly, and the other half available after a possible IPO of Alibaba.

The release of the situation and the takeover of shares held by Yahoo makes it possible the Chinese group to consider a listing on public markets.

This solution, which solderait the 40% stake in Alibaba Yahoo, could be announced next Monday, unless disagreements emerge again by then, who have scuppered numerous attempts at reconciliation.

It would amount to about $ 7 billion, which after tax grab, would remain a nice sum compared to the price paid Yahoo had initially to acquire the shares of Alibaba and part of which could be turned into dividends, what remains to confirm.

All Things Digital reported that the premature departure of Scott Thompson, after four months of business as CEO of Yahoo, has not impeded negotiations taking place primarily under the leadership of Chief Financial Officer Tim Morse.

Note that the validation of the agreement will go through a board of directors at Yahoo messed up, after the affair of CV controversial Scott Thompson, the departure of several members and the rapid change of chairman, Roy Bostock having sold its Fred Amoroso place immediately after the departure of the CEO, now replaced by Ross Levinsohn, who is temporarily acting.
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