Jailbreak untethered iOS 5.1.1 disponible dès mardi ! MAJ

Pod2g announced a few days ago the development of IOS jailbreak 5.1.1, latest official version dated mobile operating system from Apple. A few days later he stated that all units were involved, including the recent New iPad and iPhone 4S, except 3G iPods, iPhone 3G and ATV3.

While he had initially announced a provision of the jailbreak tool for the general public still at least two weeks, the hacker pod2g today announced on his twitter account that the jailbreak should be available within two days, next Tuesday so.

To recap, the flaw would use a very simple jailbreak via a web page to visit with Safari as JailbreakMe famous in his time. A very good news for everyone, and especially for owners of New iPad which have to date no untethered jailbreak for their type device with IOS version 5.1.

Update: Please note, posts on the Twitter account of pod2g by himself and others can be confusing.
1. "2 more days to wait .... ahhhh"
2. "2 more days for a jailbreak"

It is indeed possible to think that pod2g talks about his visit to Europe, specifically for the conference in Amsterdam HITB2012AMS which runs from May 21 to 25 and where many hackers will find themselves. Expect a new message to confirm this. Anyway the jailbreak is functional, and its availability is only a matter of days, as indicated pod2g in the day:
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