The new MacBook Pro would be introduced in June 2012

The new MacBook Pro would be introduced in June 2012

In February 2012, the rumor had already pointed the tip of his nose, Apple was working on the redesign of its MacBook Pro. 14 and 15 May 2012, Bloomberg said things. The economic information service implies knowledge from reliable sources, that the Cupertino company will unveil the existence of its new MacBook Pro at WWDC, the Apple Worldwide Developers convention to be held from 11 June.

The new MacBook Pro does not finally resume the design of the MacBook Air today but would opt for a refined version of their current design. But the main new features would hold especially high definition screen, Retina, inspired by the iPhone and iPod brand. The use of flash memory would also be retained to improve startup time and wake. Two points that can only generate excitement as the user screens, as good as they were, really began to grow old pro on laptops from Apple. The same goes for hard drives sold by default, it is unthinkable nowadays to sell a business machine with a hard drive to 5400 rounds / minute which performance is an invitation to the ulcer.

Not surprisingly, the central processor would be assigned to Intel and its new generation of smart, the Ivy Bridge. Other sources indicate, moreover, that would be stamped Nvidia graphics chips.
Bloomberg sources have not provided information or commented on the rumors in recent weeks and want Apple also benefits from its WWDC to introduce a new MacBook Air price lowered, to about $ 800.
However, Bloomberg said that new services should be unveiled by Apple and its developers in the world. Mountain Lion could also make known its release date.

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