Facebook: traffic down in business

Facebook: traffic down in business

With more than 40% of connections in the company, Facebook remains the most visited site, but noted that traffic Zscaler linked to this social network continues to decline among its customers.

A statement released for the first quarter of 2012 while a year ago to the same period, the traffic generated by Facebook within companies accounted for 52%.

The company services security and traffic control company web sees a tangible sign that companies have increased restrictions on access to Facebook. However, it notes that Twitter does not benefit by the same treatment.

Twitter traffic is indeed him up, even if the increase is slight. For Zscaler, administrators are simply less concerned about the use of Twitter in business

In its ranking of most visited sites from the company (web traffic in the public company), positioned Zscaler Facebook (40% of traffic) leads ahead of Gmail (18%), YouTube (8%), Twitter (7%) and MSN Messenger (2.4%).

Zscaler also emphasizes in its report a lack of regular updating of applications, encouraging attacks on the Web. In the first quarter of 2012, over 60% of users of Adobe Reader have been using such an outdated version.
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