Facebook Phone: a reality in 2013?


Before the IPO difficult to Facebook, the risk factors had arisen among them, the company acknowledged a lack of mobile access, while more and more subscribers go through their phone to access the social network, the risk of slow growth.

If Facebook needs to strengthen its mobile revenue, the company also works for several years to closer integration in mobile platforms. Beyond that, she worked with several manufacturers to create specific terminals have a dedicated key for direct access.

In this quest for a mobile presence, the logical step would be to develop its own mobile platform allowing it to highlight its services (and there are now many) and format them as needed. This initiative is the subject of speculation for several years, with a comeback in late 2011 via the rumor of a proposed Buffy the Facebook Phone.

The New York Times for his part said that a new project, the third to his knowledge is developing towards a possible commercialization in 2013, while Buffy the project is still active.

This time, they are former Apple engineers who worked on the iPhone that have been recruited and are responsible for conducting a Facebook Phone project that proved harder than expected to build. Facebook is very discreet on the subject and have contacted the engineers needed rather than through announcements of vacancies.

Despite the many linkages with the mobile industry (manufacturers and OS vendors), Facebook wants to have its platform and its hardware, at least to guide its projects with the help of a manufacturer of smartphones, one bit like the Nexus range of Google by participating in certain technical choices.

It remains to be seen how Facebook will introduce a dedicated smartphone in a market already full. A rethinking of the possibilities to offer very low or no cost through advertising that would be released (like a reading light at Amazon Kindle), knowing that the social network looking for the volume, the smartphone in question using door entry to his world.

The New York Times refers to a possible future competition with Google and its Android platform on the smartphone segment entry level.
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