The CEO of Yahoo is "resigned"

The CEO of Yahoo is "resigned"

Last night, Sunday, May 13, 2012, the direction of Yahoo! announced the resignation of its CEO, Scott Thompson, 55, former strategist and president of PayPal. Because of this departure, a curriculum vitae "embellished" a fake engineering degree when she was recruited there just five months. Initially, Scott Thompson had defended himself from this deception by stating that it was not his fault ...

This is an investment fund Third Point (5.8% shareholder) which is the source of this revelation. Its leader Daniel Loeb will join the board with two of his allies, Harry J. And Michael J. Wilson Wolf.
A Director of Yahoo!, Patti Hart, causing the recruitment of Scott Thompson, who also "faked" his resume, also resigned, and three other board members.

This is Levinshon Ross, the head of the media division, which took over management of the firm. If Yahoo! has not commented on this decision, the principal party, Scott Thompson, however, would have said, according to sources familiar with the matter, that his decision was also motivated by his health: he is suffering from cancer thyroid.
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