Facebook: The IPO raises questions

Facebook: The IPO raises questions

The approach to the IPO of Facebook is the world of high-tech and finance American boil. Scheduled for May 18, this operation is increasingly perceived as a risk by observers. In recent days, the international business press suggests the risks. The spectrum of the Internet bubble remains a concern that reappears in view of the valuation. Which are reached that allow markets perplexed. Especially since the results of the first fiscal quarter 2012 the company displayed a significant decrease of 6% ​​over the last three months of fiscal 2011.

In early May, the social network announced that it intended to raise the amount: $ 12 billion for a valuation of close to 100 billion! If confirmed, this would be the largest IPO in the history of Silicon Valley. And, if this becomes reality, experts argue that "The weight of Facebook stock will be higher than Hewlett-Packard and Dell combined. "

In addition, some previous cast doubt on the operation, as some experts fear, such Gouritin Thomas, co-founder of Time to Blast: "Keep feet on the ground ... For the IPO Web services is not always obvious, like LinkedIn and Groupon we have shown recently. Indeed, these two U.S. companies have hitherto experienced very different fortunes. And, I think Facebook will lie somewhere between the two. "

In fact, the main concern is the very activity of Facebook, income, largely based on advertising, which changes with the dynamism of subscribers, we do not hide it, made the network what it has become billion by posting text, photos and videos. To reassure the markets, the site has, for several months, started in a race for investment and development. He developed an apps store in order to diversify its revenue.

And, after Instagram, just bought Glancee Facebook, a social network based on geolocation. For this investment, no amount has been provided, contrary to the operation Instagram, which cost $ 1 billion. But the case has not been welcomed by financial. Not because of the start-up, but on a very personal way in which Mark Zuckerberg has handled things.

This case has cooled relations with investors. Treaty of immature and eccentric billionaire 27 years could pay the price. Will he have to grow up a bit by changing attitudes and conduct or will he the first victim of shareholders?

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