Facebook made ​​its IPO at $ 38 action


One of the largest IPOs in history is played on 18 May with the introduction of Facebook on the Nasdaq, which will be listed under the initials FB. With an introductory price finally fixed at $ 38, which corresponds to the higher value of its latest range, the social network finally up $ 16 billion through 421 million shares put on the market.

Its value may well exceed the $ 100 billion, to just over $ 104 billion, according to the expectations of observers. That's about half the value of Google (over $ 200 billion) and around a fifth of that of Apple (about $ 500 billion).

Mark Zuckerberg, at age 28, will therefore have to steer this huge ship now prove that the weaknesses and anticipated by analysts in its business model can be overcome. Growth of online advertising revenue to the establishment of a mobile strategy to generate the enormous flow of its core users access via the mobile, no shortage of challenges and it will now make decisions subject to fire from shareholders.

The rate of quarterly financial results and events (strategic decisions, rumors ...) can influence the share price will be the new pulse of the social network will be expected on some key issues that can inhibit its growth such as the regulation on the management of personal data and respect the privacy of its 900 million accounts.

To see now how you expect the stock price and whether Facebook will guard against setbacks encountered by many companies recently introduced web and have seen them slip under during their IPO price.
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