Cloud Gaming, Sony?

Cloud Gaming, Sony?

So this new rumor found its conclusion in the next E3. Sony has nothing advanced for its part, it is mostly others that suggest a possible evolution of video game publisher. Gaikai and OnLive, the cloud gaming specialists, are central to this rumor, since it seems that one of his two companies is about to be bought by Sony.

This acquisition has first been seen to touch the area of ​​Smart TV from Sony, but it seems that the party game is as relevant and could even be the main beneficiary. If the transaction was revealed confirmed, Sony might, from its conference next week to announce new

Sony could thus be a turning point in how to distribute video games. The publisher could reduce production costs and the players enjoy their games more accessible side. The question is what might be the rendering quality of the image or how the Cloud Gaming could be accessed on the next PS4.

This new cloud gaming involvement raises many questions arising probably a little early in the different steps involved in the transaction. Hopefully Sony has more details to reveal that the mere announcement of its acquisition.
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