IPad name: towards an agreement between Apple and Proview?

By negotiating a trade mark with a wave iPad IP Application Development company that claimed to want to just protect the acronym of its name, the company Proview had no idea that the group was behind Apple and that the term would refer to his future tablet iPad.

By discovering the pot to the roses, the approximately 55 000 dollars obtained appeared suddenly meager for Proview, in financial difficulty. The company filed a complaint, claiming to have been misled and wanted to renegotiate an agreement this time touching a license fee to cash in hundreds of millions of dollars.

The company did not recognize the agreement signed by its Taiwanese subsidiary for use of the term iPad in China and decided to complain to China, where seizures of the Apple tablet have been conducted in several cities, and to the United States, driven by several Chinese banks acting as lenders.

Since then, negotiations continue upstream in search of a friendly agreement. According to the Chinese agency Xinhua, advances have been made ​​recently, with a change of attitude from Apple that would have softened its position somewhat.

The group of Cupertino have proposed a first estimate for financial compensation, which was refused by Proview. Note that the new iPad is not yet launched in China and that Apple may have intended to settle the case before launch rather than risk a situation allowed to continue with all its risks .

Apple absolutely needs to be present in China, both to sell its smartphones that his tablets, and the group's leaders have never hidden the importance of this market for growth. Analysts also attribute to conquer the Chinese market a significant proportion of the growth potential of the company.

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